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Learning to navigate your way in, out and around Beckenham.

Beckenham has a number of train links to London and to the South of Kent (specifically Beckenham Junction, Beckenham Hill, New Beckenham, Clock House, Kent House and Ravensbourne).

By road, Beckenham is on the A222, A2015, A234.

Black Taxi's are occasionally seen in Beckenham, but more commonly used are mini-cabs.

54, 227, 162, 194, 351, 352, 357, 367, 726, N3 Buses are available to Bromley and other surrounding towns.
(last updated Jun 2006)

A tram link links Beckenham to East and West Croydon, Wimbledon as well as Mitcham junction and Elmers End interchange railway stations.

Beckenham's future:

As yet, there are no underground tube links but a planned new East London Line Extension has been mentioned. The Penge/Clock House area has been looked at closely but no final decision has been made.

For other Bromley Authority Parks information, refer to the Bromley Council Information.

Tram Links
Pitched as the 'Greener' transport system with electrically powered trams which are both energy and space efficient and will greatly increase the passenger capacity of key routes.

The Trams, are 30 metres long, the length of six cars but carry over 200 people, nearly 3 times as many as a double decker bus.

The majority of the 28km tramlink route runs along former or abandoned BR rail track although some runs on existing highways and new rights of way, mostly alongside existing roads. The complete system comprises a one-way route around central Croydon and three branches radiating to Wimbledon, Beckenham Jct/Elmers End and New Addington. The Beckenham Jct route only goes to Croydon; from there, you need to change trams to go on to the links or Wimbledon, Elmers End or New Addington.

The tramlink also links up with the London underground at Wimbledon and will interchange with bus services at many stops.

Tickets can be obtained from special ticket machines at the Tram link platforms.


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